Kate and Nick / Married

Is it possible to have a job that is as easy as pressing a button between breaths? It is, and it was was for a day withView full post »

Stephanie and Phil / Engaged

I took a little walk with Stephanie and Phil around the backstreets of Fitzroy last week. They are getting married onView full post »

Kendall, Zack and the Leyland – Sneak Peak.

Update: Kendall and Zack are featured in Polkadot Bride! And the slideshow:View full post »

Kendall and Zach / Engaged

Zach is an economist. Kendall is an art history major. Now that is one huge range of potential discourse. Geelong wasView full post »

Liz and Joe / Engaged

Liz, Joe and I took a gentle stroll into a little forest. The forest was about 10 meters away from their CamberwellView full post »

Shauna and James / Engaged

Perhaps Brunswick and Brunswick Street became intermingled somewhere among the deliberations for a location setting.View full post »

Natasha and Sebastiaan

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest versionView full post »

Wedding of Kelly and Phil

When Kelly said they planned an intimate inner city affair, with the wedding in Fitzroy and the reception inView full post »

Samantha and Chris / Engaged

Samantha and Chris are getting married in two days. A day and a bit actually.  Why leave things to the last month whenView full post »

Des and Robert – Slideshow

Some weddings are tightly scheduled, neat and orderly. Which is great. Some weddings are little more open to whim, likeView full post »

Kate and Nick / Engaged

Kate and Nick contacted me about a year and a half ago about shooting their wedding. We could not meet in personView full post »

Rebecca and Mick / Engaged

Is the arrow of time relative? When it comes to sunsets, it may as well be. Rebecca and Mick are getting married in aView full post »

Cecilia and Chris / Engaged

Cecilia and Chris had a small meal, took a small walk, some gulls flew by, a small kiss on a pier, a warm sunset andView full post »

Helen and Xave / Engaged

Helen and Xave are tying the knot next year in the neat and tidy (and rather beautiful) Fitzroy Gardens. So we thoughtView full post »

New Leather Album

I have been working with a new album supplier. And this is the beautiful result. Rich rich leather books that openView full post »

Oh, and a new linen cover album

And this is in linen. Nice, like really nice.View full post »

Jungle book

This is the second house party I have shot for these guys. And when I say party, I don’t mean raspberry cordial,View full post »

The past comes to life

Seeing in print a time and place so far removed from the here and now is magical. I like books. I especially likeView full post »