Liz and Joe / Engaged

Liz, Joe and I took a gentle stroll into a little forest. The forest was about 10 meters away from their Camberwell home. Wattle Park is a surprising oasis in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It even hosts its own dry river bed. But as they are getting married in a brewery, I am sure there will be no shortage of love, laughs and beer flowing on the day. Nice one Liz and Joe.001_Panorama002_20151025-1M0C3507003_20151025-1M0C3515004_20151025-1M0C3534-2005_20151025-1M0C3596006_20151025-1M0C3638008_20151025-1M0C3650009_20151025-1M0C3654010_20151025-1M0C3663lizjoe003011_20151025-1M0C3694012_20151025-1M0C3746013_20151025-1M0C3767014_20151025-1M0C3789015_20151025-1M0C3809lizjoe004016_20151025-1M0C3880018_20151025-1M0C3967019_20151025-1M0C4070022_20151025-1M0C4278023_20151025-1M0C4366024_20151025-1M0C4435

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