Jazz photo spreads in :etchings

Online is good. Print is better. I have a few spreads in the current issue of literary and art journal :etchings published by the good folk at Ilura press. The issues features articles by Peter Sculthorpe and Harry James Angus. I share the space with legendary Meg Evans of Bennetts Lane. Check it out here.

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  • http://pilulesenligne.men/ - Great review! It’s a brave new world, and I think you’ll do well. I haven’t heard of Ronald Giphart, but now I want to find him. (And I’m jealous of your ability to review in two languages!)ReplyCancel

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  • http://www./ - Lisa BergeronThanks to all – I appreciated all the comments everyone posted especially because we were not able to visit the puppies (made it very hard to just rely on photos). I hope to see a post with the names of your new puppies. We are thinking Lola Breeze (Marriah).ReplyCancel

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